Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about ShaRE and how it works? Read our frequently asked questions.

frequently asked questions

What is ShaRE?

ShaRE brings together related or complementary pieces of analytical equipment and their expert operators and services from across the faculty into six cores.

ShaRE streamlines the booking and billing of this equipment so that it can be hired and used by researchers and postgraduate students.

There are currently more than 70 individual analytical instruments available for hire across the ShaRE cores.

External and commercial users are also able to access the equipment and services within the ShaRE cores. They should contact the ShaRE administrator Sunita Bajaj in the first instance.

What is a ShaRE core?

A ShaRE core is a grouping of functionally similar equipment. The six cores our equipment is grouped under are Auckland Cytometry, Auckland Genomics, the Imaging Centre, the Mass Spectrometry Centre, Microcharacterisation and the NMR Centre.

ShaRE cores are virtual, rather than physical; the equipment can be located in a single room or across several sites; within a single department or across several Faculty of Science schools and departments.

What is iLab?

iLab is the booking and accounting software system used to hire out the ShaRE research equipment and services.

iLab offers a number of web-based tools such as centre service request management, enhanced sample management functionality, equipment reservation and usage tracking, billing and invoicing, and reporting.

The iLab system allows each user a consolidated view of their recent activity in the system as well as the ability to search for all equipment and services in the system.

To access iLab you must register as a user.

How will I get access to core equipment and expertise?

Each piece of equipment in a ShaRE core can be seen on the ShaRE website and via iLab.

iLab will include information about:

  • Technical staff
  • A booking calendar (where appropriate)
  • A mechanism for submitting samples for analysis (where appropriate).  

Both self-use equipment and equipment run by core staff is accessible within iLab. Core staff can also be consulted if you require advice in experimental design and data analysis.

Only authorised, trained users may book and use self-use equipment.

How do I use and/or register with iLab?

If you are already registered you can log directly into iLab.

If you are not registered you will need to register an account with iLab.

If you are a researcher from a company, organisation or another university, please contact the ShaRE administrator Sunita Bajaj to find out more about hiring ShaRE equipment and services.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies across equipment and services, with University of Auckland usage subsidised. Please contact core staff for additional cost information.

How will I be charged for equipment use?

In iLab, at the time of booking equipment or submitting a service request, you will be required to select a valid University of Auckland project code or - for external funding sources or users - to indicate if you require an invoice.

Booked equipment will be charged to that project code for the period of the booking irrespective of whether you used the equipment. 

Equipment bookings can be cancelled online, and any queued clients will be notified of cancellations, so they may take up the vacated booking.  

ShaRE Terms and Conditions

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