iLab is the booking and accounting software system used to hire out the Faculty of Science's research equipment and services.


Before you can book and use the faculty's research equipment, you must register with iLab.

Once your iLab registration has been approved you will be able to login to iLab and book equipment from the following Faculty of Science ShaRE cores*:

*You will also need to register with iLab to use the MicroCT Facility (based in the Auckland Bioengineering Institute). However, if you would like to use equipment in the NMR Centre, please contact them separately. 

To view the full list of equipment available for use, visit About ShaRE.

Register an account with iLab

If you are already registered you can log directly into iLab.

If you are a researcher from a company, organisation or another university, please contact the ShaRE administrator Sunita Bajaj to find out more about hiring ShaRE equipment and services.

University of Auckland | staff and postgraduate students

  1. Go to the iLab login and registration page.
  2. Select the University of Auckland from the "your institution" drop down list.
  3. Login with your UoA username and password.
  4. Once this login has been authenticated, you will be prompted to select your Principal Investigator (PI) and your lab from the drop down list.
  5. You will also be asked to provide your phone number (your mobile number, your work extension – or both when applicable).
  6. Submit the completed registration form.

If you are research staff

  • Submitting your registration form will notify your PI and/or lab manager of your iLAb membership request.
  • You will then be sent an email with basic instructions on using the system.

If you are a postgraduate student or a professional member of staff

  • Your iLab membership request will also need to be approved by your PI and you will need to have been assigned a Project ID to charge your work to.
  • To add your Project ID to your iLab membership, please talk to your PI or the ShaRE administrator, Sunita Bajaj.
  • You will get a confirmation your registration is successful and the Project ID is ready for use.
  • You may be contacted by your PI who may connect you with the technical team for any training that may be required before you can start using the equipment.


Once registered, iLab users can login and:

  • View instrument availability
  • Track your usage
  • Submit a project request to be evaluated by the manager. This reviews the scope of the project to provide an estimation of feasibility, cost and time required.

Additional help

Registered iLab users have access to the iLab help site. This site explains how to use the iLab booking system.

If you require further assistance, please contact the ShaRE administrator Sunita Bajaj.