About ShaRE

Shared Research Equipment (ShaRE) is a Faculty of Science initiative to bring analytical centre equipment and expertise together under one administrative umbrella.

Diffractometer, Imaging Centre
Diffractometer, Imaging Centre

What is ShaRE?

Formerly known as Auckland Science Analytical Services (or ASAS), ShaRE coordinates the hire and use of major and specialised equipment within the Faculty of Science.

ShaRE's equipment and technical expertise are grouped under six cores: Auckland Cytometry, Auckland Genomics, Imaging Centre, Mass Spectrometry Centre, Microcharaterisation and the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Centre.

Across these six cores, there are more than 70 individual analytical instruments available for use by researchers and postgraduate students.

Providing access to specialised equipment helps to support quality research as well as teaching and learning across the University.

What equipment is available?

You can see the equipment and services we offer within our six ShaRE cores*:

*The Auckland Bioengineering Institute also offers equipment for use within the MicroCT Facility.

Browse the current ShaRE equipment list:

How can I hire ShaRE equipment?

Before using ShaRE equipment we recommend that you read our:

For five of our cores (the exception is the NMR Centre), you must also register with iLab to use the equipment.

If you are already registered you can log directly into iLab.

ShaRE equipment and facilities are also available to researchers from outside the University including commercial entities. Please contact the ShaRE administrator Sunita Bajaj in the first instance.

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