PULSE lecture series

Discover the real world use of mathematics and statistics with our PULSE lecture series for secondary school students and teachers.

PULSE lectures take place twice a year and give students an opportunity to visit the University and meet staff from the Mathematics and Statistics departments.

Mathematics and Cryptology. Mathematics has long been used to protect information.
Mathematics has long been used to protect information

Event details

The 2019 series has already been held. The next series will be held in 2020. Please check back here for details as they become available. 

PULSE lectures are free of charge. Information about our 2019 lectures is below. For enquiries or to register your interest in attending, please email pulse@auckland.ac.nz


University of Auckland
Science Centre
Building 303 
38 Princes Street 
Auckland City 
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Previous lectures

Mathematics and Cryptology

Held Thursday, 1 August 2019 | 5pm - 6pm 

Dr Arkadii Slinko spoke about how mathematics has long been used to protect information, and how this continues to be vital in modern society.

This lecture was recorded and can be viewed above.


Stats, Rats, and Habitats | How statistics is good for conservation

Held Wednesday, 8 May 2019 | 5 - 6pm

Dr Rachel Fewster's fascinating talk discussed how statisticians are helping create a Predator-Free New Zealand.

Using statistics and genetics, researchers work to track the rats, mice, and stoats that arrive unexpectedly on sanctuary islands.

Such methods can often pinpoint the exact place an unexpected animal came from, even when the possible sources are only the length of a football pitch apart.