Teaching digital technologies

Up-skill and gain confidence in teaching digital technologies at NCEA level with our COMPSCI 101: Principles of Programming course.

COMPSCI 101 is the standard entry-level course to a Computer Science degree at the University of Auckland.

The course is offered three times a year and does not assume any prior programming experience, so it is perfect for school teachers looking to develop their programming skills.

On completing COMPSCI 101, you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency, which can be used as credit if you choose to continue onto a degree programme in the future.

Win a scholarship to study COMPSCI 101

The 2019 competition has now closed.

If you are interested in future scholarship opportunities, please email office@cs.auckland.ac.nz.

Each year the School of Computer Science funds 10 scholarships for teachers to attend a Summer School (Jan to early Feb) programme in Computer Science

For a chance to win, tell us whether or not you currently teach digital technologies. If you do, tell us what you teach, at what level and why you think you should be awarded a scholarship. If not, tell us how one of these scholarships will benefit you and the students at your school.

Fill out the entry form and click 'Submit' to be eligible for the competition.

Note: Scholarships are not available to international students. See full international student definition here.