Provisional year process

Find out what you need to do so that you can proceed with your research with a sense of purpose and direction.

Along with a timeline, you and your supervisor(s) should set out provisional goals to help you move forward successfully. We also recommend you set up regular monthly meetings with your supervisor to discuss your progress.

Doctoral provisional year review

The first 12 months of full-time study in the doctoral programme, or 24 months if part-time, is provisional. To continue in the programme you must achieve the goals set for your provisional year including successful completion of a full thesis proposal.

The Confirmation review will result in either full registration being granted, an extension of provisional status for a fixed time or departure from the PhD programme. The Confirmation review is held at the end of the first year.

The Confirmation review consists of an oral presentation, submission of the full thesis proposal, and an interview with the postgraduate provisional year review committee. In addition to the supervisors and co-supervisors, other members of the school or department may be present for the candidate’s oral presentation and for the general questions.

Candidates must provide a copy of the full thesis proposal, Doctoral Candidate Needs Analysis and the Confirmation review form.

Administrators will contact candidates no less than two months before the 12-month (or part-time equivalent) anniversary of the candidate’s start date.