Enrolment troubleshooting

If you are getting an enrolment message and you are not sure what it means or what to do, check out our guide below.

When you have accepted your offer for a programme, you can start enrolling into your courses.

You may receive a message when you validate your enrolments via the enrolment cart, or even if you attempt to enrol (without validating).

All messages appear at the bottom of your enrolment. Make sure you read them so you understand what they mean. Also, if you need to apply for a concession you will then be able to select the correct reason.

If you receive a message that is not listed below, please visit AskAuckland.

  • Give your ID number
  • State what the message was
  • Identify the course you were attempting to enrol into.

One of our staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you have an urgent request, visit your Student Hubs.


Read the class or course notes. This helps ensure that you enrol into the correct streams successfully.  

Messages you might receive

Below is a list of messages that you could receive when enrolling, and what they mean.

Not meeting requirements

These messages mean that you do not meet the prerequisites and/or Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements for the course you are trying to enrol into.

Examples of this type of message are:

  • Unable to add this course - requisites have not been met
  • Requisites not met for course/class
  • Requirements have not been met to enrol into the specified course/class
  • The enrolment transaction was not processed.

What should you do? You can apply for a concession. Be aware that priority is given to students who meet the prerequisite and GPA requirements.
If the course you are attempting to enrol into is a requirement for your major and you do not meet the prerequisite or GPA requirement, enrol into the prerequisite courses. Alternatively, you can discuss your academic progress with a Student Hubs adviser.

Class is full

This means that the class (or stream) you have applied for is full. You’ll also receive this message if you don’t meet the GPA.

What should you do? If there are other streams available for the course, you’ll need to select another time. If the other times clash with another course you have enrolled into, you may need to rejig your timetable.
If you do not meet the GPA requirement, apply for a concession, however be aware that it is not guaranteed that the concession will be approved.

Unable to swap to this course – course is closed

This means the class you are trying to swap into is full.

What should you do? Best to remain in the stream you currently are in. If not a core course, you can drop it and select another to enrol into that fits with your timetable.

Timetable clash

This means that you have a clash of one hour or more. An example of this type of message is:

  • You cannot add this course due to a timetable clash with class XXXX.

What should you do? It is strongly recommended that if you are a first-year student that you do not enrol into courses with timetable clashes. Your courses may not be approved for this reason.
If the course is an elective course and is clashing with a core course, check if there is another stream that you can enrol into. If not, we strongly recommend you select another course.
If it is a clash between two core courses (i.e. these are required courses for your major), apply for a concession.

Department consent required

This means that approval is required from the department.

What should you do? Apply for a concession online. Departments are forwarded (on a daily basis) a list of students who have applied for approvals of concessions.


Messages include:

  • The combined section class xxx and waitlist is full.

This means that the stream you have applied for is full and no waitlist is available.

  • Request not processed. There is no waitlist available.

This means that your enrolment attempt has not been processed and there is no waitlist connected to this course.

What should you do? Check that you meet the entry requirements. If you don’t, apply for a concession online.
Departments will be forwarded (on a daily basis) list of students who have applied for concessions for approvals.

Available or reserved seating

Messages include:

  • Available seats are reserved
  • Reserved seat requirement not met. Student not enrolled
  • Available seats are subject to reserve capacity requirements.

This means that streams are reserved for students in a particular programme and/or plan.

What should you do? Go back and check the class notes to ensure that you are selecting the right class/stream for your programme/plan, then try enrolling again.
If you need a particular class but do not meet the requirements, you may apply for a concession. Please note though, if you do not have a good reason to be in the particular class/stream your concession request will be declined.


Messages regarding success may include:

  • Success/Message. Third time enrolment

If you have failed the course once, then this message will come up. It means that you have been approved enrolment. However, if you fail this course a second time, your third attempt will be blocked and you will need to apply for a concession.

What should you do? You do not need to do anything but be aware that if you don’t pass the course a third attempt to enrol will be more tricky. You’ll have to apply for a concession and there’s no guarantee it will be approved.

  • Success/Message – the prerequisites have been met conditionally. The enrolment is allowed with the condition of satisfying the prerequisites before the start of the class.

This means that your enrolment has been conditionally approved, subject to you meeting the requirements at the end of the semester. The requirements will be a prerequisite as well as GPA requirements, which will be checked once results are released.

What should you do? You don’t need to do anything but ensure you pass your courses and pass well. The faculty will be checking when results are released that you still meet the prerequisite and GPA requirements. If not, students will be dropped and notified.
Students who still wish to be considered for the course will need to submit a concession. Be aware that this may not be approved and students should select other courses.