Equity Committee

Meet our Faculty of Science Equity Committee (FoSEC) members, and access minutes and other documents.

Our vision

The Faculty of Science Equity Committee (FoSEC) works towards an inclusive and diverse faculty, where:

  • Staff and students from all backgrounds are valued, supported, and have real and meaningful opportunities for participation and success, without the operation of implicit or explicit bias which can result in discrimination.
  • Māori as tangata whenua, and members of equity groups, are fully represented across students and staff, and have access to environments and resources that will help them to flourish.

The FoSEC facilitates achievement of this vision through the development of initiatives to explore and support equity, diversity and inclusivity considerations, the implementation of policy and practice, and the monitoring and reporting of progress towards the achievement of this vision.

Minutes and documents

Access meeting minutes and other documents on our staff intranet page.

Committee Chair

Associate Professor Frederique Vanholsbeeck

Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusivity
Phone: +64 9 923 8881
Email: f.vanholsbeeck@auckland.ac.nz
Profile: Frederique Vanholsbeeck

Committee members

Dr Nicolette Rattenbury 

Professional Teaching Fellow
Phone: +64 9 923 3720 
Email: nicolette.rattenbury@auckland.ac.nz 

"I'm the representative for the Department of Mathematics. I am interested in helping the university to be a safe, welcoming and equitable space for all staff and students’’ 

Miss Merrion Baker

Student Support Adviser
Phone: +64 9 923 3113
Profile: Merrion Baker

Lizzie Tafili 

Student Support Adviser Māori and Pacific students.
Email: lizzie.tafili@auckland.ac.nz

Nina de Jong

Science Students' Association Equity Officer
Email: ndej588@aucklanduni.ac.nz

Mr Shrestaneel (Neel) Narayan

Postgraduate Officer and Vice President of Science Student Association

"I am the representative and voice for the Science Student's Association and Science Student body. Being passionate about Equity and Well-being, I want to work towards a more inclusive, accessible, and safe university environment and community for all students while supporting fellow students to achieve their goal in whatever form it may take. I am dedicated to appreciating individuality and diversity, and I love to hear new ideas and understand new perspectives."

Dr Rebecca Deed

Phone: +64 9 373 7599
Email: rebecca.deed@auckland.ac.nz
Profile: Rebecca Deed

"I'm the representative for the School of Chemical Sciences. I'm a member of the Rainbow Science Network, and an advocate for Women in Science."

Associate Professor Miro Erkintalo 

Department of Physics
Phone: +64 9 923 5911
Email: m.erkintalo@auckland.ac.nz
Profile: Miro Erkintalo  

"I'm a representative for the Department of Physics."

Ms Sonia Fonua

Professional Teaching Fellow

Phone: +64 9 923 9710
Email: s.fonua@auckland.ac.nz
Profile: Sonia Fonua

Dr Anne Gaskett

Senior Lecturer
Phone: +64 9 923 9509
Email: a.gaskett@auckland.ac.nz
Profile: Anne Gaskett  

"I’m a woman in science, and a parent, and I’m the Equity representative for the School of Biological Sciences. I have a particular interest in diversifying the field of ecology, particularly by working towards more inclusive access to undergraduate courses with fieldtrips."

Dr Sina Greenwood

Associate Dean, Pacific
Phone: +64 9 923 8776
Profile: Sina Greenwood

"I'm the Associate Dean for Pacific."

Mr Sean Maguire

Academic Services Manager
Phone: +64 9 923 2345
Email: s.maguire@auckland.ac.nz

Ms Kate Hannah

Phone: +64 9 923 8716
Email: k.hannah@auckland.ac.nz

"I am Deputy Director, Equity and Inclusion, at Te Pūnaha Matatini, and a historian of science who specialises in women in science, and the culture of science. I’m also a parent, hold dual roles as a  professional staff and academic staff member, and a PhD student. I’m particularly interested in how we re-shape our institutions to be more equitable, accessible and inclusive." 

Dr Yannan Jiang

Senior research fellow
Phone: +64 9 923 4725
Email: y.jiang@auckland.ac.nz
Profile: Yannan Jiang

"I am an academic staff member in the Department of Statistics, a senior biostatistician, a woman in science, and a parent. I am interested in health research and teaching, and would like to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive environment in our university and faculty."

Dr Veema Lodhia

Technical team Leader
Phone: +64 9 923 7503
Email: v.lodhia@auckland.ac.nz
Profile: Veema Lodhia  

"I am the Technical Team Leader so I represent both professional and technical staff. I'm also an early-career researcher and a woman in science, so I represent both of these interests in the Equity Committee."

Alice McSherry

Doctoral candidate
Phone: +64 9 373 7599
Profile: Alice McSherry

"I represent doctoral students."

Associate Professor Annette Henderson

Associate Professor
Phone: +64 9 923 2521
Profile: Annette Henderson

"I represent the School of Psychology. As a woman in science working to find the right balance between academia and parenting, I am passionate about doing what I can to foster growth in Equity-related issues across the University community."

Dr Pat Riddle

Senior Lecturer
Phone: +64 9 923 7093
Profile: Pat Riddle

"I'm the representative for the School of Computer Science."

Dr Ivana Sequeira

Research Fellow
Email: i.sequeira@auckland.ac.nz

"I represent postdoctoral staff."

Victoria Smith

Research Programme Manager
Phone: +64 9 923 3641
Email: victoria.smith@auckland.ac.nz

"I'm the representative for Research Management within the Faculty, which crosses both the professional and research sphere. As a fellow woman in science, I'd like to contribute to offering a more considered, equitable environment for our Departments, Schools, Faculty and University - from both a professional and academic perspective."

Dr Emma Sharp

Senior Lecturer
Phone: +6499232783
Email: el.sharp@auckland.ac.nz

"I am the representative for the School of Environment. I am part of the Kindness in Science movement, and related work through Te Pūnaha Matatini working for more equitable, inclusive and diverse academic spaces. I am a parent of two small kids, and a Women in Science advocate."