Women in Science Network

An informal group for women in science to meet and provide places of discussion, support and connection.

The Women in Science Network is both an informal collection of women who meet on an ad-hoc basis, and a means to organise regular events designed for women in science, to provide places of discussion, support and connection. We take an inclusive orientation to the question of gendered identity, based on gendered-self-identification.

We send out notifications of events and other activites of interest to the Women in Science Network email list. Please contact dean-of-science-reception@auckland.ac.nz if you would like to be added to our list.

Our coordinator

Associate Professor Claire Postlethwaite

"I'm an associate professor of Applied Mathematics. My job is a mixture of research, teaching and service. My research uses mathematics to answer questions in a range of applications: from animal navigation to cognitive neuroscience and fluid dynamics.

"I've always found mathematics fascinating. Although I really enjoyed the puzzles and abstract ideas that come with some areas of pure mathematics, I think my general interest in science is part of what has made me an applied, rather than a pure mathematician.

"The Women in Science Network is a great way to meet, socialise and network with other women from around the faculty. I’m particularly excited about forging connections between more established academics and younger women, including post-docs, PhD students and undergraduates."

Associate Professor Claire Postlethwaite
Department of Mathematics
Phone: +64 9 923 8817
Email: c.postlethwaite@auckland.ac.nz