Centre for Goldwater Wine Science

Located on Waiheke Island, the Centre for Goldwater Wine Science is a hub for postgraduate study and research in Wine Science.

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The Centre for Goldwater Wine Science is closely associated with the New Zealand wine industry and attracts academics from various disciplines. We offer researchers and postgraduate students the opportunity to live, study, and work on the beautiful Waiheke Island to begin their career or upgrade their skills in Wine Science research.

Our research

Wine analysis

Aroma and taste compounds are critical for wine quality and wine styles. We are developing chemical methods to maximise aroma and taste compounds. We also use sensory methods to profile wines and to establish links with aroma chemical composition.

Yeast metabolism

The role of yeast is critical to the formation of wine aroma and taste compounds. We are considering the effects of temperature on fermentation, the pathways involved in the formation of sulphur-containing compounds, and the impacts of different yeast strains.

Winemaking factors

The handling of grapes post-harvest and the maturation of wines are critical to wine production. We are examining the effects of harvesting methods and antioxidant additions at harvest on a range of wines. We are also examining fining of wines, and the maturation of finished wines using micro-oxygenation.

Our facilities

Goldie Estate vineyard

Our working vineyard on Waiheke Island provides Wine Science students with an opportunity to live, study, and work in a boutique winery.

Goldie Estate Homestead

Our Waiheke Island homestead offers accommodation for students enrolled in the Wine Science programme.

How can you work with us?

Our postgraduate study in Wine Science offers students the opportunity to examine grape production, winemaking, and analytical techniques, as well as the organisation and operation of the wine industry. We also encourage students to pursue fields of interest through research in Wine Science and by taking relevant specialised courses. The teaching programme has close associations with the Wine Industry Research Institute of New Zealand. 

For more information, read about Wine Science study options.

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