George Mason Centre for the Environment

We are a multi-disciplinary research centre based in the Faculty of Science that focuses on environmental restoration, conservation, and sustainability.

Image of people conducting research in ocean water

Since being established, the George Mason Centre for the Environment has funded 21 projects focusing on environmental restoration, conservation, and sustainability, and has supported 12 post-doctoral and 5 Ph.D. students. We work with the George Mason Charitable Trust and collaborate with other organizations. With Dr George Mason's transformative gift of $5 million, we can continue to support many more students in the years to come.

Our research

The research we conduct is multidisciplinary and wide-reaching. Some of our research areas include:

  • Marine and coastal ecosystems
  • Land-use intensification and agriculture
  • Microplastics
  • Predator-free New Zealand
  • Conservation and climate change
  • Kauri dieback
  • River and other waterway management

You can read more about our current and past projects on {our website.}

Our partnerships

Foundation North

Our collaboration with Foundation North aims to support positive change in our natural environment. We recognise our mutual interest in the natural environment, education, and initiatives that foster good governance and the conservation of natural capital.

George Mason research fund

The George Mason research fund specifically supports academic exchanges in Natural Sciences between the University of Auckland and the University of California, Davis.

How can you work with us?

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For information about how you can support the centre, get in touch with Kate Thompson.

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