Sharing stories of impostership/imposter syndrome

We are actively seeking to bring together a diverse range of individuals who have different lived experiences to talk about impostership/imposter syndrome.

Impostership is the fear that someone is going to find out that you are not as skilled, intelligent or competent as you appear to be. People who feel this often think they are not worthy of their success; that their success is due to luck or effort rather than their actual skill or intelligence.

What's involved?

Participation involves taking part in a recorded audio interview for approximately 45 minutes, where you will be invited to share a little about you and your background and then your story around impostership, what contributed to it, your experience of it and how you managed it.

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for a diverse sample of people living in New Zealand, but are happy to hear from anyone interested in taking part.


Associate Professor Elizabeth Peterson (Principal Investigator)

Phone: +62 9 923 9693 

Statement of ethics approval

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 2 September 2020 for three years.
Reference number UAHPEC2875