Project Manager

The networking sessions arranged as part of Zarina Mechera's MInfoTech helped her to make contacts and learn about the New Zealand work environment.

Zarina Mechera, MInfoTech graduate

Key facts

Career: Project manager
Programme: Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech)

“I chose to study the MInfoTech because I liked that there was a semester dedicated for internship which meant experience and exposure to the work environment within New Zealand. The programme is structured in such a way that students can choose what they would like to opt for, which worked for me.

“I really enjoyed the internship and the networking sessions arranged by the University, as well as the workshops. These were all helpful for me to make contacts, and learn new things about the New Zealand workforce and work environment.

"I had a great experience as an International Student in the Faculty of Science. The staff in the faculty were always very forthcoming when I asked for any sort of help.

"Since I graduated I have been working for Tomahawk Brand Management. I did my internship with them and they offered me a full-time job when I finished my internship.

"One of my recent projects was to create a digital marketing strategy for a wedding venue resort so they could get more bookings. In addition to this, I also had to manage the changes they wanted to implement on their website to make it more appealing for the users.

"Getting the position I aimed for in New Zealand has been the highlight of my career so far. I see myself working within project management, a higher position maybe, but doing the same sort of work that I am doing now. I would like to manage larger projects than those I’m working on now.

"At Tomahawk, we believe that we do good quality work so people can travel. That’s the kind of impact I want to have: helping people to travel the world more easily. Appreciation for the work I am doing is what drives me. Also the results that I get for my clients really help me keep going.

"The University of Auckland has the most amazing facilities for all their students – for example – computers and laptops available, common room facilities, a dedicated room for MInfoTech students, food facilities on campus, and a gym. The lecturers and tutors are very helpful, and there are plenty of clubs students can join to take part in activities they are interested in. There is a reason why the University of Auckland is the highest ranked university in New Zealand: it will make sense once you join the University!”