Senior Customary Fisheries Adviser

Samantha Collings completed a Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Commerce conjoint, majoring in Marine Science, Statistics and Marketing.

Woman sitting at a table with a textbook smiling at the camera

Programme: Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Commerce conjoint

Subjects: Marine Science, Statistics and Marketing

“I’ve grown up with a passion for the marine environment and I’ve always wanted to work to conserve it. Understanding both the ever-changing business world as well as scientific knowledge is crucial for understanding how we can move forward in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner, whilst still being economically viable.

“During my final year of study I received the 2017 Global Fisheries Scholarship from Te Ohu Kaimoana (the Māori Fisheries Trust) and Japanese seafood company Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui), who jointly fund a year-long scholarship in Japan for Māori seeking a career in the seafood industry. I’ve learnt about the realities of the global seafood industry, having spent a year studying aspects from aquaculture to processing, food safety to food technology, sales and marketing, and new industry innovations and sustainability techniques, with total immersion into the Japanese language, culture, and lifestyle.

Statistics was a key part of my study. Without statistics, I could not have effectively channelled my passion for marine biology. 

Samantha Collings

"Statistics quantifies and gives evidence to our research. It was so crucial during my studies, internship research, and job searching. It’s also going to be so important to have the understanding and ability to use statistical programmes in pursuing my future career goals.

“I attended Tuākana tutorials for both my science and business courses. I found them incredibly valuable – Tuākana made the difference in my grades during first year and allowed me to excel. I found a highly supportive environment and made lots of friends, where we all encourage each other to succeed together. I’ve been exposed to many opportunities to extend myself and apply for opportunities outside of University, including scholarships and invaluable networking opportunities.”