Speech Language Therapist

In her Master of Speech-language Therapy programme Amy Rosenfeld learnt from some of the most respected people in the field.

Key facts

Career: Speech-language therapist
Programme: Master of Speech-language Therapy Practice

“I've been interested in speech and language since high school. I ended up studying journalism but, while travelling and learning new languages, I became fascinated by psychology and linguistics, and decided I wanted a career where I could help people and make a difference.

“Speech and language therapy involves assessment and treatment of a huge range of communication and swallowing disorders both in adults and children.

"The MSLTPrac course is very intensive, and helps you to learn a lot about yourself and become very close with the people you study with.

"I made some fantastic friends through the course and felt very privileged to learn from some of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the SLT field.

"I particularly enjoyed the practical components that were emphasised throughout the course, including the opportunity to go to other parts of the country on placements.

“I love meeting new people, finding out what is important to them and helping them to get there.

"It is so wonderful to see improvement in your patients and the difference it can make in their lives and those of the people around them.

"I also enjoy the puzzle of complex cases and trying to work out the best approach.

“The University of Auckland has a great reputation for a well-rounded course that prepares you well for working as a SLT in New Zealand and overseas.

"The Speech Science staff are also very supportive of students and work to understand their individual needs as learners.”