Data Team Manager

Tala Tuala completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology and Statistics.

Man sitting at an office desk in front of a large window smiling at the camera

Programme: Bachelor of Science

Subject: Psychology and Statistics

“I’m interested in understanding why we behave and think the way we do, and how we can measure these thoughts and behaviours. Statistics enabled me to explore this interest in depth and expand my knowledge in human cognition and behaviour. During my studies, I found that very few students studied both Psychology and Statistics, and even fewer were of Pacific descent. This alone was enough motivation for me to contribute to the growing representation of Pacific students, and to open up opportunities to support Pacific communities in my chosen fields.

“I’m currently managing a data team for a Pacific Commissioning Agency. My qualification has enabled me to provide organisational insights and solutions concerning data management, data quality, reporting and research that contribute towards prosperity for Pacific families. 

My degree helps me understand how I can navigate and interpret the world around me. When someone presents information to me, I can read beyond the figures and determine how relevant it is by understanding where it came from, its intended application and whether there are any limitations to consider.

Tala Tuala

“I received a Pacific Education Foundation (PEF) Scholarship and a Le Va Pacific Mental Health and Addiction Scholarship in the course of my studies. Both scholarships alleviated my financial burdens and enabled connections with other like-minded people who could share and guide me to useful resources for both my educational and career pursuits. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating, building relationships and utilising resources in the Tuākana programme. Tuākana contributed significantly towards my ability to succeed in each of my courses. I also appreciate the connections I have with a few of my professors. They continue to offer guidance and support even after I finished my programme at the University. Without this I may not have ended up in the career pathway that I find myself in today.”