Akali Reynolds

As a Computer Science student, Akali is excited to be studying in a rapidly growing field and looks forward to a wide range of career possibilities.

Akali Reynolds, Graduate Diploma in Computer Science on right.

Key facts

Programme: Graduate Diploma in Science
Subjects: Computer Science, Information and Technology Management

"Information and Technology Management is the fastest growing industry worldwide, calling for an increasing demand for professionals to provide technological services. A degree in technology is highly regarded by employers, offering many possibilities.

“I wanted to study a field that will lead to a rewarding career; one that is intellectually fulfilling and offers exciting possibilities to work on innovative solutions.

“I love learning about a variety of technological concepts; from the basic bits and bytes ofcomputing logic, all the way to how the user experiences the computer interface and design.

Akali Reynolds

“I chose the University of Auckland due to its strong reputation as New Zealand’s highest ranking University in quality of education and graduate employability.

“My courses provide me with in-depth, interesting insight into computing systems, programming techniques, networking, data structures and much more.

“I would absolutely recommend Information and Technology Management as it is fascinating to learn what goes behind the systems we use every day. The lecturers are passionate and helpful, and the educational resources and guidance provided for students in the department are excellent.”