Tara Mok

Tara is a firm believer in making the most of every academic opportunity and getting involved in clubs and societies while studying.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science
Subjects: Computer Science and Psychology

“I chose to study Psychology because I’m fascinated by the human mind and I would love to better learn how it works. I chose to add Logic and Computation as it complements Psychology well, with its focus on representing thought processes scientifically.

“Within my majors I’ve really enjoyed the compulsory discussion component in one of my Logic and Computation courses. We’re required to write down our thoughts and/or questions on the reading and this really ensures we are engaging with the material, and encourages us to think creatively and individually. Our lecturer gives very helpful replies and it’s also interesting to find out what other students think about the material.

Something I love about this programme is how easy it is to explore different courses before having to settle on a major. I’m a person with a wide range of interests and this really gave me room to explore what I was interested in and find the best majors for me.

Tara Mok

“The best part about Psychology is how funny, engaging and considerate the lecturers are, answering every student’s questions with thought and respect. I also love that there is something for everyone within the field, and it intersects really well with other subjects. You can see how it is relevant to your own health, career and relationships.

“I did take some time to adjust to university. It’s so easy to isolate yourself if you’re a shy or anxious person – I definitely fell into this trap and it made first year a lot more challenging than it had to be. I know it’s scary but first of all, I’d recommend joining clubs and societies. What a lot of people don’t mention, however, is how important it is to get involved academically. By this I mean talk to your lecturers after class. Go to office hours. Go to tutorial sessions. I missed out on so many opportunities to learn because I was too nervous to ask for help.”