Assistant Manager, KPMG

After her first year completing the BCom core courses and getting a taster of each of the disciplines, Jessica Wood-Waikari (Ngāti Porou) carried on with the subjects that she enjoyed, found interesting and suited her strengths and skill set.

Jessica Wood-Waikari (Ngāti Porou), Assistant Manager at KPMG
Jessica Wood-Waikari (Ngāti Porou), Assistant Manager at KPMG

Key facts

Career: Assistant Manager
Programmes: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: Commercial Law, International Business, Māori Studies and Philosophy

“Commercial law is an important subject in terms of giving students a deeper understanding of our society, an understanding of the legislative process and the structure of parliament… And the way our laws define how we interact with one another, specifically for businesses, owners and consumers."

Studying commercial law, you gain a depth of legal knowledge on aspects of politics, New Zealand history, philosophy and criminology. Alongside gaining technical skills, Commercial Law courses raise real life questions and pose complex issues.

Jessica Wood-Waikari

“The value of commercial law for me is being able to help clients understand their obligations under statutes or contracts, for example. I enjoy assisting clients to make the most of their legislative environment.”