About our school

Our school offers accredited nursing programmes that allow students to learn from leading industry practitioners.

The School of Nursing at the University of Auckland was established in 1999 to improve the health of New Zealanders through the clinical and professional excellence of our graduates. We strive to be the school of choice within Auckland and nationally in respect to specialised nursing programmes. Our school is guided by three strategic positions:

1. Creating future leaders in nursing and the health sector

We deliver undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to create nursing leadership in clinical, professional and health organisational contexts. The Bachelor of Nursing programme prepares new nurses for the profession, while our postgraduate programmes prepare graduate nurses for positions such as clinical specialists and nurse practitioners with prescribing roles.

See the Bachelor of Nursing programme.
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2. Linking our teaching with research centres and programmes

Our clinical and professional specialty courses reflect the research programmes and centres within the school. Our teaching is research-based, with research-driven evidence underpinning clinical teaching. Course coordinators draw on research colleagues to deliver lectures based on their current research. Students at all levels are given the skills to identify and apply evidence in their nursing practice.

3. Teaching programmes characterised by clinical excellence

Our programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels offer a broad base in nursing and are responsive to our stakeholders. A characteristic of the school is that clinical specialist nurses are actively involved in the teaching of clinical courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A strength is our location within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences as it allows us to draw from expertise outside the School of Nursing. For example, academics from the School of Pharmacy teach prescribing courses and our students can undertake a variety of specialty and multidisciplinary courses.

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