Postgraduate study options in Violence Prevention

The University of Auckland offers a number of postgraduate courses that are relevant for those working in violence prevention or interested in working in the area. These can be taken as part of a postgraduate certificate/diploma in Health Sciences or Social Work.

The development of these courses is a collaboration between the School of Population Health (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences) and the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work (Faculty of Education and Social Work) in recognition of the need for formal education in violence prevention. Courses have been developed to address the core and advanced competency requirements for professionals working in this demanding field.

Prospective students without an undergraduate degree can apply to undertake the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHSc) as long as they have a recognised health qualification or appropriate experience.

Alternatively, appropriately qualified (with a recognised health, social work or other relevant qualification) and experienced applicants can can apply to undertake the Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work (PGDipSW) or Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science (PGDipHSc). In some cases students may enter directly into a Masters degree.

NB: The following courses and programmes are suggestions for students interested in the area of Violence Prevention. Violence Prevention is not a CUAP-approved subject or a named specialisation within any of the programmes listed below.

Recommended courses

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHSc)

 60 points (1 year part-time) 

  • POPLHLTH 769 Interpersonal & Family Violence (30 points)
  • SOCCHFAM 700 Domestic Violence: Challenges and Responses (30 points)

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences

60 points (2 years part-time), plus 60 points from PGCertHSc = 120 points

* 15 points Research Methods course is compulsory. 

Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work (PGDipSW)

60 points (2 years part-time), plus 60 points from PGCertHSc = 120 points 

  • SOCCHFAM 734 Issues in Child Welfare and Protection (30 points) 
  • PROFCOUN 707 Specialist Counselling Skills and Approaches (15 points)
  • PROFSUPV 710 Stress and Trauma in Health and Human Services (30 points)
  • SOCWORK 718 Applied Research in Social Services (30 points)

Contact for academic advice

if you have any queries about these courses or are interested in undertaking study towards a Masters degree in Social Work or Health Sciences, please contact the Student Hubs.