Explore the different subjects that you can study in our school.

Addiction Studies

Addiction Studies has been developed in recognition of the need for an advanced postgraduate qualification for health professionals who are moving into leadership roles in this field.

Alcohol and Drug Studies

Alcohol and Drug Studies provides you with a broad knowledge of drug and alcohol issues in the community including the biology of addiction, co-existing problems and planning for lifestyle changes.


Audiology is the study of hearing, balance, and related medical disorders. It is an expanding profession in New Zealand and internationally.

Clinical Quality and Safety

Clinical Quality and Safety is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on hazards in health care systems.

Digital Health

Design, implement and evaluate digital health to improve and support equity of health service provision and outcomes for patients and populations in New Zealand.

General Practice and Primary Health Care

General Practice and Primary Healthcare is a field of study designed to increase the knowledge and expertise of health professionals working in primary health.

Global Health

Global Health focuses on health systems, governance arrangements  and the social dynamics of health and healthcare from a global  systems perspective.

Health Leadership

Health Leadership provides an understanding of healthcare systems, including the social, cultural, political and economic issues that affect health policy and management.

Health Management

When you study Health Management, you will prepare yourself for leadership roles and become a changemaker within the non-clinical roles of health organisations.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion is an integral part of public health. It engenders  positive health outcomes using a wide range of social and  environmental interventions and strategies, including policy, advocacy, and media.

Māori Health

Māori Health looks at improving the health of Aotearoa’s indigenous population from both a clinical and population health perspective.

Pacific Health

Pacific Health aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Pacific people by providing knowledge of the common health issues and barriers that they face.

Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on patient care for those facing life challenging illness and embraces the essential elements and principles of patient-centred, holistic care.

Population Health

If making a difference is something you are passionate about, study the factors and address health outcomes that affect the wellbeing of entire populations

Population Mental Health

Population Mental Health explores mental health of a population rather than individuals and is ideal for graduates or those working in a mental health setting.

Public Health

Public Health addresses the health of a society through efforts such as promoting healthy lifestyles, researching disease and addressing health disparities.

Violence Prevention

The University of Auckland offers a number of postgraduate courses that are relevant for those working in violence prevention or interested in working in the area. 

Youth Health

Youth Health is a multi-disciplinary specialisation that aims to support and enhance the healthy development and wellbeing of young people.