Admission and enrolment

Entry requirements for postgraduate programmes vary from programme to programme.

Applicants applying for postgraduate study with the faculty must normally have either a recognised tertiary level qualification in their area of study or a recognised professional qualification plus work experience. Some programmes also require the student to be currently registered with a professional association.

Entry requirements and regulations surrounding entry and completion of programmes can be found on the relevant programme page - just scroll down and click the ‘entry requirements' tab.

How to enrol in further courses towards a current programme

The important thing to remember is that you don't need to reapply for admission to your programme again.

When you log in to Student Services Online you should click on the "For students" module. From the menu click on the "Enrolment" tab to enrol in your chosen courses.

How to change a programme

You will need to apply for admission to the new programme that you want to start. To apply to add a new programme or to change your existing programme, you should log in to Student Services Online and click on the "For students" module. Then click on the "Add/change programme" tab and complete step three of the online application for admission.

Your application will then be assessed. If your application is approved, you will receive an offer of place. You will then be able to accept the offer and enrol in your courses.

How to change a course

It is usually possible to change your enrolment within the first two weeks of a semester, but you must formally apply for a swap, withdrawal or deletion online through Student Services Online or in writing on the appropriate form within the University's specified time limits. You can also contact our Student Hubs for advice.

How to start postgraduate study

If you know what you want to study then you can apply to add a programme through Student Services Online as outlined above. Don't worry; your undergraduate programme will still be on your record.

If you're not sure what you want to study, the University's Study Options website may help you identify a subject and the programmes associated with the subject you’re interested in.