Patient perceptions of hospital admission interviews

The aim of this study is to explore patient perceptions of medical interviews.

What's involved?

If you choose to participate, we will ask you to complete a demographic questionnaire, attend a 20-minute medical interview with a senior medical student and complete a follow-up questionnaire directly after the interview. All together, we ask that you set aside 40 minutes of your time to complete our study.

The medical interview will involve taking a brief history from you and measuring your vital signs. You will be gender-matched to the student doctor or asked for your preference if gender diverse.

To assist the interview process you may be required to remove your shoes, wear a patient gown (you can leave your underwear on under the gown) and/or put away your phone(s). Your personal belongings will be kept securely by the researcher at all times.

The study will take place at the University of Auckland’s Clinical Research Centre in Grafton.

Eligibility criteria

We are recruiting participants who:

  • Are aged 18 years or over
  • Speak English and can understand, read, and write in English
  • Do not have hearing difficulties or vision loss

Contact details

Main contact:

Chamilka Punchihewa (Researcher)
Department of Psychological Medicine

Alternative contacts:

Professor Elizabeth Broadbent (Supervisor)
Department of Psychological Medicine
Phone: (09) 3737599 Ext. 86756

Professor Trecia Wouldes (Head of Department)
Department of Psychological Medicine

Further information

Approved by the Auckland Health Research Ethics Committee on 27/05/2022 for three years.

Reference number AH24293.