Developing a digital mental health tool for young people on wait-lists awaiting psychological treatment (clinician participants)

The purpose of the current study is to gather insights and the 'needs and wants' from mental health clinicians who have supported clients who may have struggled to navigate psychological care.

What's involved?

If you choose to participate, you will be asked to attend a one-hour recorded interview session via video-conferencing software such as Zoom or telephone.

The interview will be conducted in a semi-structured manner, and the questions will be focused on your around your experiences of supporting clients with history of childhood trauma according to the ACEs scale and/or supporting clients who have been put on a waitlist, and whether a digital tool might be useful clinically. 

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for participants who:

  • are willing and able to give informed consent for participation in the study,
  • are aged 18 years or above, and 
  • have worked as a mental health clinician (e.g., psychologists, psychiatrist, occupational therapists, social workers, key workers, telephone counsellors, peer supporters, etc.) in the past two years.

Contact details

Student Researcher

Melody Kim
Department of Psychological Medicine

Lead Supervisor

Dr Karolina Stasiak
Department of Psychological Medicine

Further information

Approved by the Auckland Health Research Ethics Committee on 18/08/22 for three years.

Reference number AH24606.