Follow up studies

Many of our fetal, perinatal and maternal studies are now in the follow-up phase to assess children’s development as they grow up and the difference that interventions or treatments may have made.

This study is investigating any benefit (or harm) of severely growth restricted babies who were treated with antenatal sildenafil therapy as they grow up.

What we’re investigating

These studies are investigating the development of children who were treated for high blood sugar levels as preterm newborns.

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A randomised controlled trial comparing prophylactic oral dextrose gel with placebo in newborn babies at risk of neonatal hypoglycaemia.

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This project is part of an overarching programme aimed at assessing the impact of maternal and perinatal interventions on life-long health.

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The ANCHOR Study is investigating the long-term effects of antenatal corticosteroids given to women before preterm birth.

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