Whānau Engagement Study

The Whānau Engagement project is part of an overarching programme aimed at assessing the impact of maternal and perinatal interventions on life-long health.

The goal of the project is to engage with consumers, including Māori whānau, to understand their outcome priorities and to increase participation. Outcomes that are routinely assessed in follow-up of maternal and perinatal randomised trials may not reflect the priorities of families and participants themselves. In addition, parents of babies enrolled in trials may have a different perception of outcomes from their children. Perceptions of whether outcomes are important may influence people’s willingness to take part in follow-up studies. Māori views are particularly important to potentially reduce existing disparities.

Study design

The Whānau Engagement project uses a mixed-methods approach, involving both qualitative data collection methods such as focus groups and interviews, as well as quantitative methods like surveys.

  1. Pilot study - completed

    In this pilot study 16 participants of the CHYLD study took part in individual discussions around their research participation. Discussions have revealed various enablers and barriers to participation and indicated that most parents enrol their child to help other children. Completed: September 2020

  2. Māori whānau study – ongoing

    In this study Māori whanau take part in individual or group discussions around their participation in long term research. Results from this study will address current topics around engagement with research participants of Māori descent, such as cultural sensitivity.

  3. Now-adult research participants (ANCHOR) - ongoing
    This study has commenced to examine the experience of now-adult research participants who were enrolled in the ACTORDS trial as infants.

Research impact

Addressing barriers and making use of enablers likely improves research uptake. Due to current health inequities that often exist for Māori and Pacific Island whānau, we are especially interested in understanding the research experience of these populations.

Contact us

Project-related enquiries for study 1 (Pilot study) and study 2 (Māori whānau study) can be emailed to the Principal Investigator, Jenny Rogers, j.rogers@auckland.ac.nz or for study 3 (Now-adult research participants - ANCHOR), contact Nike Franke, n.franke@auckland.ac.nz.