Our postgraduate courses and programmes

Postgraduate courses in Mathematics

Course code Course title Semester offered 2022
MATHS 701 Introduction to Research in Mathematics Education S2
MATHS 703 What Can Be More Practical Than a Good Theory? Summer
MATHS 713 Logic and Set Theory S2
MATHS 714 Number Theory S2
MATHS 715 Graph Theory and Combinatorics S1
MATHS 720 Group Theory S1
MATHS 730 Measure Theory and Integration S1
MATHS 731 Functional Analysis S2
MATHS 735 Analysis on Manifolds and Differential Geometry S1
MATHS 750 Topology S2
MATHS 761 Dynamical Systems S1
MATHS 762 Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations S2
MATHS 763 Advanced Partial Differential Equations S1
MATHS 765 Mathematical Modelling S2
MATHS 770 Advanced Numerical Analysis S2
MATHS 782 Special Topic S2
MATHS 787 Special Topic: Inverse Problems and Stochastic Differential Equations S1

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