Mathematical Acceleration and eXtension - MAX

Take first semester university mathematics at high school in New Zealand.

About the MAX programme

As a MAX student you’ll study algebra, analysis, applied mathematics and combinatorics. You’ll learn to write abstract mathematical proofs and create models to study real-life situations. You will also learn how to use MATLAB to generate gorgeous visualizations.

Applying for the MAX programme

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • are currently attending high school
  • have a good understanding of Year 13 mathematics
  • have a strong recommendation from your school's Head of Mathematics

If you want to study remotely, you'll need good access to a computer, the internet, and be able to work well on your own.

You need to apply for admission under the University's Discretionary Entrance Regulations

To be admitted to the MAX programme you need the consent of the University of Auckland's Department of Mathematics.

For all enrolment enquiries email us at

International students who wish to join the MAX programme will need to apply for full entrance to the University of Auckland. Potential international students should contact us directly at

MAX course work and assessment

Sessions consist of two 50 minute lectures and a tutorial or computer lab. There are short breaks between these sessions. Lectures are recorded and will be available to the students online.

The final MAX examination will be in mid to late June. The exact date will be confirmed midway through the semester. Other assessments will include labs, projects, assignments, and a mid-semester test.

The MAX information meeting

Check out our online information session - a great opportunity for students, teachers and parents to learn more about MAX. 

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at