Our postgraduate courses and programmes

Postgraduate Physics courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
ENVPHYS 700 Frontiers in Climate Science  
ENVPHYS 701 Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics Not offered
ENVPHYS 702 Solid Earth S2
ENVPHYS 703 Special topic  
ENVPHYS 770 Directed study  
ENVPHYS 780 Research project  
ENVPHYS 796 Thesis in Environmental Physics  
PHYSICS 703 Advanced Quantum Mechanics S1
PHYSICS 715 Directed Study S1
PHYSICS 741 Advanced Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics S1
PHYSICS 742 Advanced Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter S1
PHYSICS 743 Waves and Potentials S1
PHYSICS 746 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory S2
PHYSICS 748 General Relativity S2
PHYSICS 751 Special Topic Not offered
PHYSICS 752 Photonics S2
PHYSICS 753 The Dynamic Universe S2
PHYSICS 754 Condensed Matter Physics S2
PHYSICS 757 Quantum Optics and Quantum Information S2
PHYSICS 780 Advanced Imaging Technologies S1
PHYSICS 787 Project in Physics  
PHYSICS 789 Honours Research Project - Level 9  
PHYSICS 796 MSc Thesis in Physics - Level 9  
MATHS 761 Dynamical Systems  
MATHS 763 Advanced Partial Differential Equations  
MATHS 789 Inverse Problems (formerly PHYSICS 707)  

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