Postgraduate Marine Science courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
MARINE 701 Current Issues in Marine Science S1
MARINE 702 Field Techniques in Marine Science S1
MARINE 703 Marine Protected Areas
MARINE 705 Ocean Management and Planning S2
MARINE 707 Applied Estuarine Ecology S2
MARINE 796 MSc Thesis in Marine Science  

Our postgraduate Marine Science adviser is Alwyn Rees.

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The following courses can be included in your postgraduate Marine Science degree:

Course code Course title Semester offered
BIOSCI 724 Marine Ecology
BIOSCI 725 Ecological Physiology
BIOSCI 727 Aquaculture
BIOSCI 733 Molecular Ecology and Evolution
Not offered in 2023
BIOSCI 735 Advanced Behavioural Ecology S1
BIOSCI 738 Advanced Biological Data Analysis
BIOSCI 739 Dialogues in Biology S1
BIOSCI 749 Microbiomes S2
BIOSCI 761 MSc Thesis Proposal
S1; S2
CHEM 795 Research Methods in Chemistry S2
EARTHSCI 720 Geochemistry of Our World
ENVMGT 742 Social Dimensions of Global Environmental Change S1
ENVMGT 744 Resource Management S2
ENVMGT 746 Collaborative Environmental Management S1
ENVSCI 701 Research Practice in Environmental Science S1; S2
ENVSCI 705 Handling Environmental Data S2
ENVSCI 711 Assessing Environmental Effects S2
ENVSCI 714 Environmental Pollution S1
FOODSCI 703 Food Processing S1
FOODSCI 708 Advanced Food Science S2
GEOG 746 Applied Coastal Geomorphology S1
GEOG 771 Spatial Analysis and Geocomputation S1
INDIGEN 711 Indigenous Environmental Politics S2
LAWENVIR 710 International Environmental Law S1
MĀORI 732 Rangatiratanga S1

2024 field trips

More details about the field trips can be found in the Course Outline.

If you require further information, please reach out to the course coordinator.