Postgraduate courses

Courses in Biological Sciences can be studied in a Bachelor of Science (Honours), Masters, Postgraduate Diploma, or PhD programme.

Postgraduate courses in Biological Sciences

Course code Course title Semester offered
BIOSCI 700 Advanced Phylogenetics S1
BIOSCI 701 Practical Approaches in Genomics S1
BIOSCI 702 Modelling Biological Processes S2
BIOSCI 704 Practical Applications of Cell Analysis S2
BIOSCI 724 Marine Ecology S1
BIOSCI 725 Ecological Physiology S1
BIOSCI 727 Aquaculture S2
BIOSCI 729 Evolutionary Biology Not offered in 2024
BIOSCI 730 Entomology and Biosecurity S2
BIOSCI 731 Biogeography S2
BIOSCI 733 Molecular Evolution and Conservation Genomics Not offered in 2024
BIOSCI 734 Terrestrial Plant Ecology S2
BIOSCI 735 Advanced Behavioural Ecology S1
BIOSCI 736 Microbial Genomics and Metabolism Not offered in 2024
BIOSCI 737 High Resolution Imaging of Biological Molecules Not offered in 2024
BIOSCI 738 Advanced Biological Data Analysis S1
BIOSCI 739 Dialogues in Biology S1
BIOSCI 741 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology S1
BIOSCI 746 The Molecular Machinery of The Cell S2
BIOSCI 747 Biosecurity and Invasion Biology S1
BIOSCI 748 Weed and Pest Management S2
BIOSCI 749 Microbiomes
BIOSCI 751 Plant-microbial Interactions S2
BIOSCI 752 Plant Genomics and Biotechnology S1
BIOSCI 753 Synthesis of Plant Products and Foods Not offered in 2024
BIOSCI 754 Plant Genomes and Gene Expression S2
BIOSCI 755 Genomics and Gene Expression S1
BIOSCI 757 Molecular Form, Function and Design
BIOSCI 758 Development, Differentiation and Disease Not offered in 2024
BIOSCI 759 Cell and Molecular Biomedicine S1
BIOSCI 760 Biosystematics S1
BIOSCI 761 MSc Thesis Proposal S1; S2
BIOSCI 762 BSc(Hons) Dissertation Proposal S1
BIOSCI 763 Professional Applications of Ecology S1
BIOSCI 764 Human Virology S1
BIOSCI 765 Translating Biomedical Science into Therapeutic Strategies S2
BIOSCI 766 Global Change Ecology S1
BIOSCI 788 BSc(Hons) Dissertation in Biological Sciences S2
BIOSCI 796A/B MSc Thesis in Biological Sciences S1, S2
SCIENT 701 Accounting and Finance for Scientists S1
SCIENT 702 Marketing for Scientific and Technical Personnel S1
SCIENT 703 Frontiers in Biotechnology S2
SCIENT 704 Law and Intellectual Property S1
SCIENT 705 Research Commercialisation S2
SCIENT 706 Commercialisation Project S2
SCIENT 721 Product Development and Regulatory Environments S1

Postgraduate study options

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