Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses provide an overview and foundation in Biological Sciences, and prepare you for further study opportunities.

Stage one Biological Sciences courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
TFCBIO 91F Foundation Biology S1
TFCBIO 92F Foundation Biology S2
BIOSCI 100 Antarctica: The Frozen Continent S2
BIOSCI 100G Antarctica: The Frozen Continent (General Education) S2
BIOSCI 101 Life! Origins and Mechanisms S2
BIOSCI 106 Foundations of Biochemistry S2
BIOSCI 107 Biology for Biomedical Science: Cellular Processes S1
BIOSCI 108 Biodiversity: Patterns of Life S1
BIOSCI 109 Ecology and Evolution: The Continuum of Life S1

Stage two Biological Sciences courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
BIOSCI 201 Cellular and Molecular Biology S1
BIOSCI 202 Genetics S2
BIOSCI 203 Biochemistry S2
BIOSCI 204 Principles of Microbiology S1
BIOSCI 205 Plant, Cell and Environment S2
BIOSCI 206 Principles of Ecology S1
BIOSCI 207 Adaptive Form and Function S2
BIOSCI 208 Invertebrate Diversity S1
BIOSCI 210 Evolution and the Origins of Life S2
BIOSCI 220 Quantitative Biology S1

Stage three Biological Sciences courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
BIOSCI 322 Evolution of Genes, Populations and Species S2
BIOSCI 324 Plant Pathology and Symbiosis Not offered in 2024
BIOSCI 325 Plant Diversity and Function S2
BIOSCI 326 Plant Biotechnology for Crops and Health S2
BIOSCI 328 Fisheries and Aquaculture S1
BIOSCI 333 Marine Ecology S2
BIOSCI 334 Biology of Marine Organisms S1
BIOSCI 335 Ecological Physiology S2
BIOSCI 337 Animal Behaviour S2
BIOSCI 338 Biology of Terrestrial Animals S1
BIOSCI 347 Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology S2
BIOSCI 348 Food and Industrial Microbiology S2
BIOSCI 349 Biomedical Microbiology S1
BIOSCI 350 Protein Structure and Function S1
BIOSCI 351 Molecular Genetics S1
BIOSCI 353 Molecular and Cellular Regulation S2
BIOSCI 355 Genomics and Genome Biology S2
BIOSCI 356 Developmental Biology and Cancer S1
BIOSCI 358 Nutritional Science S2
BIOSCI 394 Conservation Biology S1
BIOSCI 395 Pacific Biogeography and Biodiversity S2
BIOSCI 399 Capstone: Biology: The Science of the 21st Century
BIOMED 399 Capstone: Biomedical Science S2

2024 field trips

More details about the field trips can be found in the Course Outline.

If you require further information, please reach out to the course coordinator.

Choosing your Biological Sciences courses