Moemaitawhiti (Che) Moore

Moemaitawhiti is studying a Master of Information Technology.

Moemaitawhiti (Che) Moore

I te taha o taku māmā: ko Te Whānau-Ā-Apanui te iwi.
On my mother’s side, my iwi is Te Whānau-Ā-Apanui.

I te taha o taku pāpā: ko Tainui te iwi.
On my dad’s side, my iwi is Tainui.

“I am studying a Master of Information Technology, which I will complete when I finish my internship in February 2024.

“I decided to pursue further studies in information technology to complement my background knowledge in information systems. I gained a lot of interest in data and technology in undergraduate study, which I was able to explore more deeply at postgraduate level using different tools and project applications.

“The University of Auckland has always been my first choice because of its commitment to quality academia. The environment, resources and learning material have positively influenced my ability to choose and develop my career.

“The general purpose of information technology (IT) is to enhance information capabilities through computer and communication components. IT supports the core functionalities of almost all industries, indicating its growing significance in business and societal contexts within this digital age.

My favourite part about the programme is the internship opportunity. Not only do I gain work experience early in my career, but I can also apply everything that I have learned in the past four years at the University of Auckland to real-world projects.

Moemaitawhiti (Che) Moore

“I hope that the technological and business skills that I acquire from the programme will lead me to projects that contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Contributing towards something bigger than myself is what makes my work in information technology meaningful.

“The MyCDES+ service offered by the University was very helpful in improving and editing my CV when applying for internships. It was great receiving personalised feedback on how I could individualise my CV to different employers.

“It is important to appreciate the interactions with guest speakers and industry partners. I actually gained an internship with a company I presented a project to in one of my courses. Lecturers and other staff put a lot of effort into connecting students with experienced workers, so it's beneficial to use these opportunities wisely!”