Programme information and supplementary guides

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons)

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Graduate Diploma in Computer Science

  • Refer to Graduate Diploma in Science
  • Students must have completed an undergraduate degree at a recognised university (or similar institution) and passed first-year courses in your intended specialisation
  • Please contact the academic adviser, Damir Azhar, for more details

Master of Data Science

Master of Information Technology

  • For new 240pt students, please refer to the instructions for PGCIT students.
  • For 120, 180, and returning 240pt students, please read the enrolment approval form carefully and contact the ICT course advisors
  • Academic adviser: Andrew Meads

Master of Professional Studies in Data Science

Master of Professional Studies in Digital Security

Master of Science in Computer Science

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology

Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science