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Postgraduate Computer Science courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
COMPSCI 701 Creating Maintainable Software S2
COMPSCI 705 Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction S2
COMPSCI 711 Parallel and Distributed Computing S1
COMPSCI 715 Advanced Computer Graphics S2
COMPSCI 717 Fundamentals of Algorithmics S1
COMPSCI 718 Programming for Industry S1, S2
COMPSCI 719 Programming with Web Technologies S1, S2
COMPSCI 720 Advanced Design and Analysis of Algorithms S1
COMPSCI 725 Usable Security and Privacy Engineering
COMPSCI 726 Network Defence and Countermeasures - Level 9 S2
COMPSCI 727 Cryptographic Management S1
COMPSCI 732 Software Tools and Techniques S1
COMPSCI 742 Advanced Internet: Global Data Communications S2
COMPSCI 747 Computing Education - Level 9 S1
COMPSCI 750 Computational Complexity S2
COMPSCI 751 Advanced Topics in Database Systems S1
COMPSCI 752 Big Data Management S1
COMPSCI 753 Algorithms for Massive Data S2
COMPSCI 760 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
S1, S2
COMPSCI 760 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
COMPSCI 761 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence S2
COMPSCI 762 Foundations of Machine Learning S1
COMPSCI 765 Modelling Minds S1
COMPSCI 773 Intelligent Vision Systems S1

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