Postgraduate courses and programmes

We offer postgraduate courses in Earth Sciences, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Geography and Environmental Physics.

Postgraduate Environment courses

Course code Course title Semester offered Course coordinator
GEOG 701 Research in Practice S1 Larry Murphy
GEOG 719 Geographies of Housing and Urban Change S1 Larry Murphy
GEOG 725 People, Participation and Development S1 JC Gaillard
GEOG 737 Geographies of Public Policy S2 Tom Baker
GEOG 738 Future Food and Biological Economies S1 Nick Lewis
GEOG 746 Applied Coastal Geomorphology S1 Mark Dickson
GEOG 750 Environment and Landscape S1 Gretel Boswijk
GEOG 761 Special Topic: Monitoring Change from Space with Machine Learning S2 Tom Dowling
GEOG 771 Spatial Analysis and Geocomputation S1 Katarzyna Siła-Nowicka
Subsurface Characterisation with Geophysical Methods
S2 Mila Adam
ENVSCI 701 Research Practice in Environmental Science S1; S2 Kevin Simon
Melanie Kah
ENVSCI 705 Handling Environmental Data S2 George Perry
ENVSCI 706 Special Topic S1 Luitgard Schwendenmann
ENVSCI 711 Assessing Environmental Effects S2 Kevin Simon
ENVSCI 713 Air Quality and Atmospheric Processes S2 Jennifer Salmond
ENVSCI 714 Environmental Pollution S1 Melanie Kah
ENVSCI 716 Applied Freshwater Ecology S2 Kevin Simon
ENVSCI 737 Applied Terrestrial Ecology S1 George Perry 
ENVSCI 738 Water and Society S1 Sam Trowsdale
ENVMGT 701 Environmental Management in Practice S2 Brad Coombes
Social Change for Sustainability
S2 Anthony Gampell
ENVMGT 742 Social Dimensions of Global
Environmental Change
S1 Meg Parsons
ENVMGT 744 Resource Management S2 Karen Fisher
ENVMGT 746 Collaborative Environmental Management S1 Brad Coombes
ENVMGT 748 Coastal Management S2 Emma Ryan
ENVMGT 749 Ethical Environmental Futures S1 Emma Sharp
ENVMGT 751 River Management S1 Gary Brierley
EARTHSCI 713 Tectonic Geomorphology S2 James Muirhead
EARTHSCI 714 Earthquake Geology S1 Jennifer Eccles
EARTHSCI 720 Geochemistry of our World S1 Michael Rowe
EARTHSCI 732 Reconstructing Environmental Change S1 Paul Augustinus
EARTHSCI 752 Understanding Volcanic Systems S2 Phil Shane
EARTHSCI 754 Pure and Applied Sedimentology S2 Lorna Strachan
EARTHSCI 770 Engineering Geological Mapping Summer Nick Richards
EARTHSCI 771 Advanced Engineering Geology S2 Martin Brook
EARTHSCI 772 Hydrogeology S1 Barry O'Connor

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