Postgraduate courses and programmes

Find details of postgraduate Psychology, Speech Science and Applied Behaviour Analysis courses.

Postgraduate Psychology courses

Course code Course title
PSYCH 700 Political Psychology
PSYCH 707 Forensic Psychology
PSYCH 708 Clinical Neuropsychology
PSYCH 714 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYCH 715 Psychology and Sustainability
PSYCH 716 Social Psychology and Interpersonal Processes
PSYCH 717 Community Psychology
PSYCH 718 Psychotherapeutic Assessment and Formulation
PSYCH 720 Research Topic in Psychology
PSYCH 721 Consciousness and Cognition
PSYCH 722 Human Learning and Development
PSYCH 723 Mental Health Problems: Aetiology and Assessment
PSYCH 724 Perceptual Neuroscience
PSYCH 725 Evolution and Human Behaviour
PSYCH 726 Emotion and Identity
PSYCH 727 Functional MRI
PSYCH 730 Professional Psychology Practice In New Zealand
PSYCH 731 Social Psychology and Intergroup Processes
PSYCH 733 Critical Health Psychology
PSYCH 736 Human Brain Mapping
PSYCH 737 Work and Well-Being
PSYCH 740 Sensory Science
PSYCH 742 Neuroscience of Awareness
PSYCH 743 Critical Qualitative Research
PSYCH 744 Experimental Design and Quantitative Methods for Psychology
PSYCH 746 Perception, Cognition, Action
PSYCH 750 Measurement and Methods
PSYCH 751 Concepts and Principles
PSYCH 754 Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
PSYCH 756 Dynamics of Brain and Behaviour
PSYCH 757 Advanced Applied Behaviour Analysis
PSYCH 758 Ethnicity, Identity and Culture
PSYCH 759 Advanced Behavioural Psychology
PSYCH 761 Organisational Psychology
PSYCH 764 Special Topic: Dual Process Theories of Human Cognition
PSYCH 765  Special Topic In Pasifika 
PSYCH 766 Occupational Health Psychology
PSYCH 767 Special Topic: Gender Violence
PSYCH 768 Special Topic: Sex and Well-Being
PSYCH 769 Special Topic - Developmental Psychology: a Critical Lens
PSYCH 770 Special Topic - Behavioural Insights
PSYCH 777 Special Topic: Topics in Illusionary Line Motion
PSYCH 778 Special Topic: Topics in Sensation and Perception

Postgraduate Speech Science courses

Course code Course title
SPCHSCI 701 Dysphagia for Speech-language Therapists (e-learning)
SPCHSCI 711 Introduction to Communication in Children and Adults
SPCHSCI 712 Linguistics for Speech Language Therapy
SPCHSCI 713 Anatomy and Physiology for Speech Language Therapy
SPCHSCI 714 Speech Language Therapy Clinical Practicum 1
SPCHSCI 721 Dysphagia
SPCHSCI 722 Communication Disorders in Children
SPCHSCI 723 Communication Disorders in Adults
SPCHSCI 724 Speech Language Therapy Clinical Practicum 2
SPCHSCI 733 Audiology for Speech Language Therapy
SPCHSCI 734 Speech Language Therapy Clinical Practicum 3
SPCHSCI 736 Topics in Communication Disorders in Adults
SPCHSCI 743 Advanced Study of Speech and Language Therapy in Children
SPCHSCI 744 Speech Language Therapy Clinical Practicum 4
SPCHSCI 746 Voice and Fluency

Applied Behaviour Analysis courses

To find out about this specialised programme, visit the Applied Behaviour Analysis page.

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