Reassigning courses from engineering to science

Find out how to reassign your courses from your BE(Hons) to a BSc.

If you have studied for at least one semester in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (BE(Hons)) and have decided to transfer to a Bachelor of Science (BSc), it is possible to reassign some of your engineering courses to science.

Application process

First, you must apply for the Bachelor of Science through the standard application process. Make sure you check the BSc entry requirements.

Your BSc application will be assessed by Admissions at the end of the semester, once grades are posted on Student Services Online.

If your application has been approved and you have accepted the offer, you can then apply to reassign your courses.

After reassigning your courses, you can discontinue your BE(Hons). Courses that are reassigned will no longer to be credited to the BE(Hons).

Most engineering courses are not in the BSc Schedule. Your Programme Requirements will need to be manually updated by faculty staff to allow these courses to be counted towards your BSc.

Course equivalents

Download the PDF for detailed information about course equivalents.

Engineering courses equivalent to “Stage I, II or III Science” can be reassigned and directed towards your BSc as points towards the completion of your degree, but not towards any major or specialisation requirements.

Some engineering courses are equivalent to specific science courses. These courses can be reassigned and directed towards your BSc major or specialisation requirements. This is because we assume you will be able to succeed without taking the science courses as the content is very similar.

If Part II/III engineering courses are reassigned towards your major/specialisation requirements, you may be exempt from the Stage I/II prerequisites in your major/specialisation. You should replace waived courses with other courses from the Science Schedule.

If you are unable to enrol in Stage II/III Science Courses after completing the prerequisite Stage I/II Engineering course, you should apply for a concession request.

For a single BSc degree, up to 30 points can be taken from courses outside the faculty. You can reassign up to 30 points of non-science equivalent engineering courses to your BSc.

Submitting a reassignment request through SSO

You will need to be active in the BSc and have all grades posted in Student Services Online (SSO) before you can request to reassign courses. The full regulations for the BSc can be found in the calendar.

If you are unsure about which courses to reassign, you are welcome to select all of the eligible courses that appear. The Faculty will assess which courses to reassign for you. 


For detailed information, visit AskAuckland or Student Hubs. You are encouraged to consult with a Hub Adviser to discuss how reassigning courses will impact your BSc progression.