Science mentoring programme

As a first-year Science student you’ll be connected to a mentor, who’ll be there to help you settle into University life.

Having a mentor is fantastic support as it makes your transition into study a lot easier.
Our mentors are second or third-year Science students who are achieving academically.

Their role is to provide pastoral care to first-year students, and they connect students to:

  • Other new students
  • Resources
  • Services on campus
  • Offer relevant tips and advice.

How and when will I get a mentor?

If possible, your mentor will be matched with you because you share a major. This is so you share a similar background of study. They will offer guidance and advice based on their own experiences, but can’t give you academic help.

You’ll find out who your mentor is in the first week of Semester One. They’ll organise meet-ups, but you can also contact them via email or Facebook.

Don’t have a mentor but want one?

If for some reason you didn’t have a mentor in your first semester but you’d like to be matched with one later in the year, please send us an e-mail.

We'll match you with a Science mentor for the remainder of the year. Your mentor will contact you directly.

Would you like to be a Science mentor?

If you are a second or third-year Science student and you’re interested in becoming a mentor, look out for an email invite in April and September.
We are often looking for more student mentors.

2020 Science Mentors Applications are now open: register here.


If you have any questions about the Science mentoring programme, please contact:

Tatiane Jacobs
Student Experience Adviser

Joel McGeorge
Student Experience Adviser