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The Cyber Security Foundry draws on the expertise of academics from a range of disciplines to look at solving the problem of cyber security. We also work with external parties seeking expertise in cyber security, and with other external stakeholders in government and industry. 

Our research

Post-quantum cryptography

Post-quantum cryptography is the next generation of security we’re going to need to protect against quantum computers that would have the power to break the codes we currently use. We are developing new cryptosystems based on new areas of mathematics to create systems that are secure even against quantum computers.

Cyber security psychology

Hackers and scammers don’t just target our technical systems. They also attack the biases and cognitive vulnerabilities of users. We are researching to know more about these biases and vulnerabilities in people. This can help us understand how to protect people from cyber security attacks.

Functional encryption for cloud data

Functional encryption allows you to perform operations when the data is encrypted. By researching encryption, we can protect data when it is being moved from one place to another.

Securing implantable medical devices

Many implantable medical devices have wireless communication capability. This lends itself to all kinds of hacking possibilities. For example, hackers could drain the battery of a pacemaker or change the pace too rapidly, which would be life-threatening. We are researching to learn to how to prevent cyber security attacks in this space too.

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We offer a range of services. We can work alongside government and industry organisations to apply academic research to real cyber security solutions. To find out how we can help your business with cyber security, visit our website.

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