Review a virtual art making tool

We are currently designing a virtual reality game-based art program to make virtual reality art accessible to people with impairments. We would like to obtain first impression feedback from a wide range of potential users on the usability of our virtual art tool.  

Eligibility criteria

Anyone aged 16 and above is welcome to participate. We are looking for people with physical and/or neurological impairments (e.g. Stroke, Parkinsons etc.), as well as healthy people without impairments to participate in our short online survey.

You will be required to watch a 5-minute recorded online video where an artist is making art using the virtual art tool. Afterwards, you will be invited to answer a short online questionnaire that focuses on your first impressions of the virtual art tool.

If you think you may have problems participating in the study due to your condition, you are welcome to participate with your caregiver's assistance.

This is an anonymous study, so your privacy will be protected. 

If you are interested in taking part, please proceed to our online research study tool.

Principal Investigator: Dr Burkhard Wuensche and Dr Danielle Lottridge

Researcher: Marylyn Alex

Statement of ethics approval

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 23 April 2021 for three years.

Reference Number: UAHPEC22162