Jessie Davys

Master of Science graduate Jessie Davys was drawn to Forensic Science because of the chance to help people.

Master of Science in Forensic Sciences student Jessie Davys.

Programme: Master of Science in Forensic Science

“The main thing that drew me to Forensic Science was its ability to help the people who sometimes cannot help themselves. I would be helping these people by using my science knowledge to assist in a court scenario.

“I did my MSc thesis on ‘The use of Diamond™ nucleic acid binding dye to locate both finger marks and touch DNA on non-porous items obtained from drug seizures’. It is a dye that when bound to DNA, fluoresces under blue light, so you can identify on items exactly where DNA is located and finger marks. It will help to target DNA on case related items which, in turn, will give better DNA profiling results.

“I have been working at The Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd (ESR) as a Senior Forensic Technician with the Physical Evidence Team within Forensic Chemistry. 

I hope that with my MSc research, it can be used routinely here with ESR but also with other Forensic Science institutes.

Jessie Davys

“The highlight of my career so far has been getting my job with ESR, as positions in Forensic Science in New Zealand are limited, with the bonus that I can see my MSc research being extended and possibly validated into what we do here at ESR.”