Adrianne Mendes-Underwood

Adrianne hopes to become a teacher one day, helping to influence more Māori and PI to study STEM subjects.

Iwi: Ngāpuhi

Hapū: Ngai Tupoto

Rohe: Motukaraka, Hokianga

Programme: Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Chemistry

"I decided to study Applied Mathematics and Chemistry because I did well in my Science-related courses in school, so I just kept at it. I was more confident in numbers than English as Māori was my first language. 

"Before University, I lived in Auckland so it was easier to study here, plus I don’t think my parents were ready to part with us children just yet. It is also a very good university to study at.

"I’m glad there was a Tuakana programme where I could meet more Māori and get help. I attended Tuakana tutorials, which was helpful in finding friends who also study Science with me.
I was also apart of the Māori Student Association, Ngā Tauira Māori (NTM), where I found myself become more comfortable with studying in the University environment.

"After graduating, I'm looking to find a job within Data Analytics to get experience in an office, but further down the line I want to become a teacher and hopefully influence more Māori and PI to study STEM subjects."