Kaitlin Riegel

Mathematics Education PhD candidate Kaitlin Riegel hopes her research will contribute to understanding how mathematics can be taught more effectively.

Mathematics Education PhD candidate Kaitlin Riegel

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education

“Mathematics education is a relatively new field, so it means there are plenty of original questions to investigate and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to this body of research.

The University of Auckland is in the unique position of having the Mathematics Education Unit situated within the Mathematics department.

Kaitlin Riegel

“This made for an easy transition from my undergraduate degree and allows for conducting powerful research, with tangible outcomes.

“Mathematics is sometimes perceived as a stoic subject, but cognition is deeply interwoven with affect – simply, how we think is influenced by how we feel. I am considering how students’ beliefs and emotions change across a semester in different types of mathematics assessment, how these changes are mediated by their mindset, and how these constructs together predict their performance in assessment.

“I would ideally like to continue conducting research in this area to improve our understanding of effective ways to teach mathematics and how to improve its accessibility to everyone as a subject.

“I have a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship. I am incredibly grateful, as it has helped me perceive my PhD as the start of my career since I am able to independently support myself without accumulating student debt.”