Harry Lewin

Harry's love of chemistry came at an early age and has continued right through to his tertiary studies. He sees green chemistry as the only sustainable way forward for chemical sciences.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science
Subject: Chemistry

“Before I began high school I had memorised the entire periodic table. I actually began University in the Medicinal Chemistry major, but from the excellent lectures in CHEM 110, I decided to switch majors into pure Chemistry so that I could focus more on my original likes and interests.

“I have a particular love for organic chemistry. I like how everything is interchangeable on molecules if you mix them with the right reagents. My subsequent studies in the field of green chemistry, and how that can be applied to organics, has just made me more interested.

I like learning about new concepts in science, both old approaches and newer, greener approaches. 

Harry Lewin

“There is an endless array of knowledge, and learning just tiny bits of it in undergraduate classes is rather addictive and makes me want to continue as far as I can go.

“Green chemistry is the future. I am photographed with a microwave heating unit, which has been developed as a low energy and non-polluting heating alternative to burning fossil fuels; doing chemical processes more safely, less wastefully and using less energy is the way forward.

“Anyone taking an interest in green chemistry with a way of thinking that is outside the box has many Nobel Prize opportunities in their future!”