Zoe Xie

Zoe's curiosity about food composition and taste drives her studies. She looks forward to a job in which she explore and produce food by applying food science.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science
Subject: Food Science and Nutrition (Food Science pathway)

“I am really curious about food composition and structure. I’ve always wondered why most of the healthy food is not that delicious, while the junk food tastes so good. I hope to one day produce one kind of food that is healthy and has perfect taste as well.

“The University of Auckland is one of the world’s highly ranked universities and the Faculty of Science has plenty of knowledgeable professional staff. The study environment is really good, and my fellow Food Science students are all passionate about what we do.

In the future I hope to find employment where I can work with food every day, possibly where I can explore and produce food.

Zoe Xie

“The study of Food Science is amazing and interesting, I’ve learned so much in my studies. We have a lot of labs where we can actually explore the samples – plus, we have a lot of fun! I can’t wait to get to the next level in my studies.

“The University of Auckland provides brilliant opportunities for students. For example, I am going to study at the University of California as an exchange student in one of my semesters. I am so excited and looking forward to exploring life in the USA!”