Welcome to Science Scholars

Introducing our Programme Director Dr Rhys Christopher Jones and Student Academic Adviser Holly Honeysett.

Dr Rhys Jones – Programme Director

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Science Scholars programme, hosted in the Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland. This programme will provide you with an extremely exciting, supportive and stimulating learning environment.

The programme, unique in many ways, involves a series of courses taken around your chosen programme, and emphasises important skills you will need to be a successful scientist. We will encourage you to think critically, develop your networking and negotiation skills, and look at ways to foster resilience in your scientific endeavours. There is also a self-directed research component to the programme, where you will be required to carry out a research project at Stage III. You will be provided with an academic mentor, who will help guide you through your academic journey, while you study here at the University.

As director of the programme, I am always keen to receive any questions or queries you may have about the programme. I wish you all the best for your application and, if you're successful, I look forward to welcoming you into our Science Scholars family.

Dr Rhys Christopher Jones

Director, Science Scholars programme

Email: rhys.jones@auckland.ac.nz


Holly Honeysett – Student Academic Adviser

Kia ora

I am the Student Academic Adviser for the Science Scholar programme. I am a recent graduate from the University of Auckland and can’t wait to meet all the new Science Scholars.

My role here is to make sure that you are all feeling supported during your time in the faculty and specifically within the Science Scholars programme, whether this be degree planning or Science Scholars enquires. I also help organise events for the programme throughout the year. Please get in touch if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help.

Holly Honeysett

Student Academic Adviser, Science Scholars programme

Email: h.preece-honeysett@auckland.ac.nz