About modules

A module is an optional grouping of three skills-based courses on a particular theme that enables you to add extra value to your undergraduate Science programme.

What are modules?

Modules are a new feature of the undergraduate Science programmes from 2019. 

Modules are optional. You may take one or two modules in addition to your main subjects within the overall structure of your Science programme. Completed modules will appear on your academic transcript.

Modules are designed to complement the skills you will develop through your other studies. The skills you can expect to gain through Science study are outlined in our Graduate Profiles

What are the benefits of taking a module?

Taking a module means you can focus on a specific, skills-based area outside of your main Science subject. 

Modules allow you to develop and diversify your skill set for future employment, and could enhance your career prospects. 

How do I take a module?

It’s simple – all you need to do is enrol in your first course and then come in for a chat with an adviser at the Student Hubs. We'll complete a degree planner with you to make sure you’re on track to do the right courses for your module and the rest of your BSc or BAdvSci(Hons) programme.

BSc and BAdvSci(Hons) students can also choose up to one module offered by other faculties at the University. See below for some options:

Modules available

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