Develop your understanding of environmental sustainability to make an informed and positive contribution to this significant social challenge.

The knowledge and skills you will develop

What is sustainability? You will learn more about what sustainability means, its underpinning values, and the role individuals and organisations play in creating solutions at the local and international level.

As part of the module, you will work in groups with other students to investigate and design a game to forward sustainability, propose a sustainability improvement for the University, and create your own political party.

How this module can be useful in your career

Sustainability is the issue of our times. Most organisations are engaged with sustainability as part of their day-to-day operations, while others focus on it as their business purpose. Many industries will increasingly be looking for sustainable solutions to local and global problems.

You will be able to take your awareness into many different employment settings to make a contribution to these solutions and help drive positive change. If you want to work for an organisation that cares about the future of our planet, this module will be an asset.

The courses you can take

Each 15 point course can be done alone, but to complete the module you must do all three (45 points).

Sustainability and Us

The Sustainable Community

A Sustainable World

Learn more

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Meet a graduate

Paula Jeune

Personally I think everyone should learn about sustainability, no matter what area of study they are interested in.

Paula Jeune

Read Paula's full story here

Arshia Tayal

The Sustain modules have consistently had the most enthusiastic classmates/peers I have ever had.

Arshia Tayal

Read Arshia's full story here.

Student testimonials

'I have honestly loved every aspect of this course. It definitely challenges the ideas and ways of interpreting information. Super useful to anyone looking to explore any degree program.'

'I have really enjoyed learning new ways of thinking and ways that I am able to implement change within my community.'

'I really enjoyed the assessments in this course and the tutorials. They allowed for a lot of communication which is nice when you don't know anyone in the class.'

'Opened my eyes to a current world problem that we bypass as part of our normal routine.'

'The detail the lecturers went into was really helpful.'

'The use of guest speakers was a great idea and really inspired me to research further and volunteer.'

'Interactive, dynamic lectures with relevant real-world examples.'